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Broderick Lowe’s Story

The days of the proverbial retirement watch are long gone – ergo the concept of employer/employee longevity and loyalty relationships.  Times have changed drastically, since the good old days of ‘Gold Watch Retirements’ – a part of our historical work culture when people went to work for a company and knew that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, there they would remain until retirement.  That was industrial revolution age thinking – light years removed from technology revolution age thinking.  Nowadays, it seems the attitudes of both employers and employees have undergone a huge paradigm shift.  The collective meaning of work – regarding pay, benefits, term/length, location, and commute have been re-engineered.  Over the ensuing time frame between the two work revolutions, loyalty and job security have been significantly impacted.  Word on the street is “loyalty is as loyalty does.”

Broderick Lowe made no bones over the sense of loyalty he holds for his current employer – Haynes & Boone Law Firm.  “They are a good company and they have been very good to me,” he shared.  I’ve gone as high as I can within my current role but I’m hopeful about being able to transition into the IT team.”  

For 14-years, he has worked in supply services.  He is a trusted administrator and valuable team member.  However, once he had reached the pinnacle for career advancement, within the supply division, he decided to retrain in the I.T. field.  He noticed the rapid growth of the company’s technology team and thought that this could be a very good career option.

Even though his preference was to transition over to his company’s I.T. division, when we discussed a search strategy he was realistic.  I recommended that he take every opportunity to introduce himself to and get to know members of the I.T. staff as they are generally influencers within the hiring process.  I stated that he let them know that he is attending MyComputerCareer; talk about the certifications he’s earned along with his passion for the field.   And, it wouldn’t hurt to let them know that his ultimate desire is to join their team.  Bottom line, be more than just the guy from supply.  Be relevant!  “It’s the reason you have sought IT,. training – to innovate your skills, to enhance your relevance and to increase your employer’s loyalty by having more to offer as an employee, right!?”  This was more an affirmation than question.  Broderick chuckled and said, “Ab-so-lutely!

We agreed to also seek opportunities with other organizations as a part of his overall search strategy.  We’d get excited over certain interviews, but nothing was ever offered.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, Broderick called to confirm that the search was over!  He wanted me to know that he had just accepted a position.  A bonus was that his commute would literally be down the hall and around the corner from his current office!  Haynes & Boone had repaid Broderick’s decision to innovate and be relevant with their continued loyalty.  An even bigger bonus – his new starting pay is $51,000! Word on the street is, when it comes to workplace loyalty and job security, there’s still a bit of “good” (from both sides) leftover from the good old days.

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Cynthia Downs came to MyComputerCareer in October 2014, after relocating back to the US, in order to reside in North Carolina whilst my daughter attended college at Campbell University.  Cynthia worked as a professor of Social Work in the UNC system, prior to residing in London, England for nearly a decade.  During her time in London, she developed and led the Professional Development Services unit for one of England’s largest privately-held recruitment agencies which catered to the public sector – health & social care.  Cynthia loves the literary arts and traveling.

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