Homeless to I.T. Professional| My Computer Career

From Homeless – To A Transformed Life – With An I.T. Career

Before MyComputerCareer, Brandon was homeless twice, lost custody of his daughter after a divorce and had not heard from him mother in nearly 14 years. Brandon shared that he tried to pick himself up many times, but life continued to be a difficult journey. For the first month or so, Brandon said life as tough. “I slept in a service truck a few times, just to make sure I could make it to campus” Brandon says. Things progressively got better for Brandon – he was determined to win at life this time. Regaining his mom’s presence in his life proved to be his “foundation pillar”.

Now, Brandon is not only  a graduate from our I.T. Systems Admin program – he is an I.T. professional! Brandon has accepted his first I.T. role with TEKSystems as a joint Help Desk & Desktop Support Technician for Dell on their BSNF Railroad project. Brandon says attending MyComputerCareer was the start to turning his life around.

Launched in 2007 and headquartered in Holly Springs, North Carolina, MyComputerCareer provides technical training, certification preparation and job placement support for adult learners looking to enter the Information Technology (I.T.) industry, as well as professionals seeking career advancement.

Through LIVE online and on-campus courses, students go through hands-on training to prepare them to earn up to valuable I.T. certifications from such leading I.T. organizations as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, CompTIA, and EC-Council. With said certificates in-hand, MyComputerCareer students and graduates are ideally qualified for high-demand and high-paying opportunities in I.T. practitioner, management or administration position, including jobs in I.T. Security, Network Administration and/or Helpdesk.

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