The Road to Gainful I.T. Employment

“The road to success is always under construction”

Branndon Mitchell came to MyComputerCareer in the latter half of 2016 with a desire to jump-start his Information Technology career. He was working in retail, and while it paid the bills, it certainly wasn’t what he wanted to be doing for the rest of his life. It was a MyComputerCareer radio commercial that completely changed his life and when he decided to enroll in the program. Branndon gained his first I.T. position while in school working as an I.T. Technician with Blue Technology. The pay was a small increase from what he was making in retail, but Branndon knew that his road to a financially rewarding I.T. position required a bit of experience on his resume, in addition to the certifications he was earning. He enjoyed the work he was doing with Blue Technology, and a little over a year later, the MyComputerCareer Columbus team received a very exciting email from Branndon! I’ll let him tell the rest of the story…

“…I just wanted to take the time this morning to give you guys an update on my I.T. career and really thank you for your tremendous contributions to my growing success. Thanks to your program, I’ve just started a new job as an I.T. specialist at a treatment center based right here in Columbus, Ohio near the Short North district. I am part of a two person team, where I am assigned to do System Admin work and where security is essential! I thought it would take a few years to get to this kind of start in my career.  Starting out, I will be earning an hourly rate of $21/hr + full benefits. A drastic increase from the $12 per hour that I was earning when I started my first class through your program. My Career has  done a complete 360 from just working in customer service a couple of years ago to now thriving in the I.T. industry. Thank you MyComputerCareer and your ever supporting staff for the opportunity you give to everyone seeking to make a life changing career choice. I hope any current and previous students have found the same success as I have.”

A HUGE congrats to Branndon as he continues to advance through his career! It’s a long road to success as a career changer starting in I.T., but it’s success stories like this that prove that it’s worth it!


Based in Holly Springs, North Carolina, MyComputerCareer, Inc. is an innovative adult technical school with courses taught online and at its seven campuses in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and Texas. Students who complete MyComputerCareer’s rigorous Information Technology courses may earn up to 13 highly valuable I.T. Certifications in areas ranging from Operating Systems to Computer Networks and Cyber Security, certificates often required even for those with four-year college degrees. In addition, these courses form the foundation for students interested in obtaining an Associate’s degree from MyComputerCareer.

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Meet The Author

Taylor Maxson was born in upstate New York but spent the majority of her life in sunny North Carolina. Taylor began working at MyComputerCareer in January of 2016 in the Career Services department and has been changing lives ever since. She earned her Associate’s degree from Wake Technical Community College in Advertising and Graphic Design and spends her free time visiting various art installments in the beautiful city of Raleigh, NC. Traveling, writing, art and cats are a few things Taylor surrounds herself with!


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