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David’s journey with MyComputerCareer began in April 2017 after spending over a year as an Area Field Manager with U-Haul. David’s reasoning for enrolling at MyComputerCareer is one we hear often from our students, “the job was a dead end, with little opportunity to move around or upwards.”

David had heard numerous MyComputerCareer commercials over the radio and along with the encouragement of his longtime friend and co-worker Leonard Nichols (another MyComputerCareer student and recent graduate) encouraged David to enroll and make MyComputerCareer a part of his life.

U.S. Navy Veteran

David is a military veteran who spent 26 years serving our country in the US Navy. During that time, he was committed specifically to teamwork and excellence. It was also during his time in the Navy that he became exposed to the world of IT.  David said that during his time in the Navy when working in specifically IT that he was allowed to watch, but not touch anything.

What is David Doing Now?

David attributes his success to the campus staff, the instructors and being able to attend classes with his buddy Leonard. All of these things helped in making David’s MyComputerCareer experience a positive one that has impacted his life in many ways. His MyComputerCareer life continues on in a BIG way! David is now working in the IT Industry doing exactly what he loves to do!

David summed up his outlook on his future in one simple sentence, “I’m excited to see what happens now and in the future! The IT industry is changing in so many ways that make it exciting…even the unknown of the industry makes it interesting and challenging.”

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