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From the Bottom to the I.T. Mountain Tops

Before MyComputerCareer, his computer training and obtaining IT certifications, James had spent many months job searching. He had interviewed many times, but was never hired. James is a father and knew that if he couldn’t find a job that many lives would suffer. James is also the primary care taker for his sick mother, making his financial situation tough, to the point that he could barely afford to care for himself. “I’ve always believed that hard work + preparation would lead to success, without fail. The end results may not come when we want them, but change arrives right on time!” With encouragement and support, James was determined to hold on. He knew that he needed computer training to gain the IT certifications that he wanted.

Now, his [employment] prayer has been answered – – James accepted a $52,000 first full-time IT offer with NEC through our Staffing partner, iForward. James just graduated from MyCC, his mom’s health is looking up, and now James can add a dignified I.T. career to his success charts — and provide for his son with no worry.

Launched in 2007 and headquartered in Holly Springs, North Carolina, MyComputerCareer provides technical training, certification preparation and job placement support for adult learners looking to enter the Information Technology (I.T.) industry, as well as professionals seeking career advancement.

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