Veteran Advocates

Why MyComputerCareer is Right for Veterans

If you’re involved in the vital work of helping veterans transition to meaningful careers in the civilian world, MyComputerCareer is ready to help. With skills-focused, instructor-led training in a format familiar to military trainees, certifications in high demand, plenty of team support, and lifetime career services to help connect veterans with available jobs, your clients can be working in the IT industry in a matter of months, not years. And no prior IT experience is required!

MyComputerCareer is the nation’s 3rd ranked Military Friendly® company!* So we know how to work with our servicemen and women.

Help Us Help Them

Register as a VA Counselor to receive information about admissions, courses, scholarships, grants, and more. By referring a veteran, you’ll be the catalyst to help them gain new skills, start a new career, earn a great income, and live a new life as an IT professional. Use the form provided to start the process and we’ll contact you shortly to coordinate a consultation.

I’m Ready to Connect With Veteran Advocates!


I’m Ready to Connect With VA Counselors!

About Our Programs

MyComputerCareer offers four programs where students earn highly sought-after certifications for any number of careers in IT. With the exception of our Associate’s Degree, each program runs six to ten months, but students start earning their certifications in a few months and can transition into a civilian career before graduating! 

With a network of thousands of employers throughout the US, students can expect placement support no matter where they go. Our commitment doesn’t end with job one either. We support them FOR LIFE! Services include resume and cover letters, mock interviews, networking and scheduled interviews. This is all at no additional cost.

Program Cost 

The cost of the specific training program can depend on the program of enrollment and eligibility for scholarships, grants, and other financial aid funding. Fill out the contact form above for more information. You can explore our latest scholarship and grant opportunities here.