“Before beginning my journey at MyComputerCareer I was cleaning toilets. I really hated going to work every night. I wanted a career that was going to allow me to be home with my family more often, be financially stable, and enjoy doing everyday. One night I heard the MyComputerCareer commercial on Pandora and decided to look into it. I did research on the I.T. industry before enrolling at MyComputerCareer and there are endless opportunities in the industry. When I enrolled into MyCC I was nervous. I didn’t have any computer knowledge under my belt at all. I was afraid of failing. Then the first day of class I met my Instructor, Lou Everett. He was an amazing instructor. He always gave an inspirational pep talk at the beginning of each class. He’d get you motivated and your mind in the right place to keep pushing forward and not give up. Most importantly he cared about the success of each and everyone of his students.”

“I was moving along in the program and doing great. Then things took a turn for the worse. Attendance is a critical thing in the program and I came across multiple instances that were out of my control and caused me to miss class.”

“First, I had caught the Hand, Foot, Mouth disease. This, caused me to miss a couple of days of class. Though this was not common for adults, I was the unlucky one that caught it from my son. Second, I had to take a two-month LOA (Leave of Absence) from the program. My father had gotten into a motorcycle accident colliding with a semi. The company that I was cleaning toilets for, my father owned. While he was out of commission, I had to run the business to keep it going. Two months later, I was able to return to school and had to get my mindset back into school. It took a couple of weeks for things to come back to me. When I returned, I had a completely different instructor. His name was Mike Harding. Though he was also an amazing instructor, his teaching was different than Lou’s. It took take time to adapt.  Lastly, during the second half of the program I came down with the flu. Again, causing me to miss class.”

“During all this, I had to keep my mind straight and focused. I was behind and worked very hard to get caught up. In this program you are able to obtain 10 different certifications. By my last day of class, I had successfully pasted 6 certification tests. I have also passed one since my last day of class and I have only three more to go. So in the end, even with all I went through, being a husband, father, and employed full- time during the program, I feel I came out on top. I ended with a 93.21% GPA, 104.61% attendance, and 7 certifications to take into the industry. This shows that dedication and hard work pays off, even with everyday life challenges.”

“Since completing the program it has given me a positive outlook on life. It makes me feel that I can do what I set my mind to and to never give up, even when you feel overwhelmed and you want to.”

“I have to give thanks to those who had always believed in me and gave continuous support at MyComputerCareer. That would include Lou Everett, Mike Harding, Dave Brunner, Charlotte Strickler, and Paul Wolf. Also, special thanks to my wife and son, couldn’t have done this with out them. As I was told as a child and will always keep in mind, “You Can Only Be As Good As You Want To Be!”

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