As our day-to-day lives become increasingly reliant on digital services, technology companies continue to grow and thrive. For those pursuing a career in software and other areas of I.T., this is good news. Growth of digital means growth of I.T. job opportunities.

In addition to providing opportunities for job-seekers, many technology and software companies are revitalizing corporate culture. To keep up with young, knowledgeable employees in the digital age, these industries are straying from traditional office atmospheres in favor of a more fun, creative workplace culture.

The following are among the best technology companies to work for in 2016.

Today in Tech: Employers With Great Reputations


In an open letter to employees on his first day as Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella placed emphasis on the importance of company culture and the necessity to keep evolving as a business. At Microsoft today, that sentiment is upheld and echoed by smart, creative and curious employees.

You can read Microsoft’s mission and culture statement here, which highlights the company’s pursuit of growth, respect for customers, desire to remain diverse and commitment to making changes as one cohesive, united company.

Red Hat

Red Hat is the first and only billion-dollar fully open source company. This level of success was achieved through a lot of hard work by a lot of different employees, and CEO Jim Whitehurst knows this.

The Red Hat mission requires that everyone’s voice be given the opportunity to be heard. This is reflective in the corporate structure, as well. With this company, a good idea and a willingness to share it with others will get you much farther than clawing for a title promotion.

The main focus of LinkedIn corporate culture is transformation. This means LinkedIn wants its employees to leave LinkedIn a better person, a better professional, and having made the world a better place.

So how does LinkedIn make sure it’s workspace is enriching? The company offers many different perks, from highly-respected keynote speakers to extravagant professional education stipends. The company hopes to positively influence employees as employees positively influence the world.


In big news for Facebook workplace culture in 2016, the company extended parental leave to four paid months for all full time employees. This benefit falls in line with Facebook’s reputation for being one of the world’s best companies to work for.

And though Facebook has grown to employ more than 12,500 people, it continues to foster a collaborative environment and preserve the progress-hungry culture that has driven the company since 2007.


Cisco’s corporate culture promises start with a simple goal: listen. As the company strives to make big waves in the vast ocean of all things digital, it’s leadership vows to place emphasis on respecting and valuing each employee.

It’s a pretty sweet deal…work for a wildly successful company where your voice is heard and your opinions matter. Cisco seems to be upholding their end of the deal, because they have acquired an impressive list of industry awards in the last several years.


Named 2016’s ‘Best Tech Company to Work For,’ Airbnb seems to have some of the happiest employees in the world. It’s not surprising, since CEO Brian Chesky places workplace culture at the center of his focus for the company.

“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion,” he writes in an open letter to employees that he also published on Medium in 2014. At Airbnb, fostering the ideal culture means offering quarterly travel vouchers, as well as paid maternity and paternity leave time well above the industry standard.


Google is well known for being a “cool” or “quirky” or “fun” place to work. But what helped Google get this reputation? Comfort.

In the way of workplace comforts at Google, anything is fair games. From nap pods to daily gourmet lunches to indoor ski gondolas as office spaces: at Google, extraordinary is ordinary. But all the fun to be had at Google offices is met with a serious drive to get things done. Google hires for intelligence and ability, not just a well-loaded resume.


Another travel company with a stellar workplace culture is Expedia. Expedia focuses on equipping the company with plenty of talented minds, and rewarding them for their contributions. One area of Expedia’s focus is on giving back to the community, and to employees who give back in turn. With the Matching Gift program, Expedia will match employee donations to nonprofit organizations 1:1.

This is just one of example of the company’s commitment to hiring, retaining and rewarding talented employees.

The Ever-Growing I.T. Industry

There’s a reason these companies can afford to reward employees at such a high level: growth. The future is now in the digital age, and these innovative companies (among others) will continue to develop services we want and need.

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