When you complete your education at MyComputerCareer, you and your instructors have the same goal: to get you hired in a field that you’re interested in as quickly as possible.

You’ll want to earn relevant certifications that will make you a competitive applicant for your IT dream job. Our students can earn up to 14 different certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, and EC-Council.

Passing your certification exams will be one of your highest priorities while you’re enrolled at MyComputerCareer, especially if you sign up for multiple courses. Read below for study tips that can help you pass each certification exam on the first try.

Study Tips to Help You Pass Certification Exams the First Time

Make A Study Schedule:

When are you going to review each portion of the material for the exam? When will you be done studying? Having a schedule and sticking to it will prevent you from cramming the night before the exam. If you try to learn everything at the last minute, you’re bound to forget something important.

Find Your Perfect Study Environment:

Some people like background noise, some people need total silence. Some study well in a library, others prefer the comfort of home. Whatever you do, don’t study in your bedroom, because a nap might be too tempting.

Use Your Resources:

MyComputerCareer offers all students our test-pass assistance. We will do everything in our power to make sure you pass your exams, but you should use the resources available to you. All MyComputerCareer instructors are happy to assist students with their studies, and our students have unlimited access to available one-on-one tutoring.

Find Learning Tools That Work:

If flashcards help you study, try apps or websites like StudyBlue to create your study materials. If you learn best by doing, find or create practice tests to take on apps or websites like Quizlet.

Visualize Success:

Some experts believe that all you need to succeed is to be able to picture yourself being successful. The night before your test, daydream about your passing score on your certification exam, and imagine how you will feel once you have completed (and done well on) your upcoming test.

Stop Studying:

The night before your certification exam, you should no longer need to study. You can review your materials and make sure everything you’ve learned is at the top of your mind, but if you’re still learning new material the day before the test, your study schedule needs a few adjustments.

To learn more study methods that will ensure your success, or to ask about the certifications offered at MyComputerCareer, reach out to us online or take our free career evaluation today.

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