Finding a career that’s perfect for you can be a tough process, and sometimes we don’t get it right the first time. If you’re seeking a career change, especially in a new industry, there are many things to consider when preparing to apply for new jobs.

One major thing to consider is your resume and the experiences it highlights. Read on for some tips from the MyComputerCareer staff for perfecting your resume as you transition into a new job industry. Keep in mind the benefits of a career in computer science as you search for the career that’s best for you.

Things to Keep in Mind When Updating Your Resume

Do your homework:

What are employers in your desired field looking for in candidates? What skills can you highlight to make yourself a standout in this industry? Do you need to obtain any certifications or additional education to be successful in this new field? Knowing these things up front is important to ensure you find a job you love.

Choose the right resume format:

Order your resume chronologically, highlight your related skills, or even reformat your resume into a letter. Depending on your experience pertaining to the field you are seeking a career in, any of these options may be best. For creatives types seeking creative jobs, you may even consider a video resume or something more design focused.

Determine what is transferable:

Everything that worked for you on your resume in your previous field may not work as well when you’re looking for jobs in a new industry. Examples of transferable skills include communication skills, leadership skills, and teamwork skills.

Add numbers where possible:

This is a good tip for any job seeker (not just those changing industries). Quantifying your accomplishments will make it easier for potential employees to more plainly see your success, and provide a basis of fact on your list of achievements. Add numbers if you led a team (of how many?), contributed to a monthly goal (what was your personal input?), or even just met your call quota each day (what was it)?

Pick the right keywords:

When employers hunt for new employees, they have a system in place to be sure they choose the best candidate. Part of this system is searching resumes and applications for keywords that are relevant to the industry they are hiring in. Do a thorough investigation into the keywords that are big in your industry hiring pool, and work them into your resume.

Let MyComputerCareer Expedite Your Job Hunt

As you update your resume and get ready for your career change, consider the success that students have had at MyComputerCareer. Our program focuses on job placement, meaning you’re training with the main goal of securing a job you love.  

MyComputerCareer instructors are committed to giving their students the skills they need to get a new job and succeed in their IT role. Take your free career evaluation today to get started on the fast track to a higher-paying career and a better life.

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