5 Persistent Myths Keeping You From Changing Careers

5 Persistent Myths Keeping You From Changing Careers

Changing careers is a big decision. Expectations to get it right the first time and find the perfect job, or worries that you’ll have to start over add a lot of pressure throughout the process.

Thankfully, many of those fears are unfounded and overplayed. A career change can be one of the best decisions you ever make because you’re investing in yourself.

Here are five myths about changing careers and why they don’t hold water.

Don’t Let These Myths Keep You from Changing Your Career

You should know what you want for the rest of your life

Chances are, you have wanted different careers in different stages of life. When you were a kid, you probably wanted to be an astronaut. In high school, a movie star. In college, you looked to change the world.

The point is, our desires change over time based on our current needs and wants, and what you’re looking for now might be different than past or future desires.

You’re too old to change careers

Telling yourself you’re too old for a career change is like telling yourself you’re too old to learn. It’s a self-imposed barrier placed out of fear.

Second, third, or more career acts are increasingly common, with employees looking for a career that better suits their lifestyle, desires, and abilities. What you should know about changing careers is you’re never too old to find one that fits what you’re looking for.

A career change is permanent

Thomas Jefferson was a surveyor, writer, inventor, lawyer, architect, farmer, and diplomat. And those are the jobs he held before becoming President of the United States. Career changes don’t have to be permanent.

You have to start over at the bottom

While you may not be able to move directly into a senior level position in your new field, don’t discount the amount of experience, skills, and talents you’ve developed throughout your current career. Those management, research, customer service, or writing abilities you have are valuable attributes in any workplace, whether in the IT field or another industry.

You have to move into the “perfect” career

You’ll never know if something is perfect until you’ve lived with it for some time. This goes for cars, houses, marriages, and yes, careers. Reading a brochure won’t give you the full picture of your future career. You have to live it.

If the career you choose isn’t the perfect one, that’s okay. You’ll have learned some new skills and a little bit more about what you’re really looking for.

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