Computer technology has evolved so much over the last few years that the persona of a computer nerd stuck behind a desk is obsolete. The majority of computer-related careers require a high level of interaction with other people, and many collaborations produce results that improve the human condition somehow. Find out how you can use your new computer career to help others and solve significant problems.

Computer-Based Careers That Can Help Others

    • Technical Support: A Friendly Helper

The link between customers and a product is the Help Desk support. Armed with extensive product information and a cheerful attitude, a technical support specialist can help someone problem solve, which can be immensely satisfying. Helping people all day with your computer knowledge and skills can give you a great feeling.

    • Database Administrator: Opportunity Maker

Database administrators design, develop, and implement ways to store and organize data for companies. They also design ways to back-up data to prevent lost information. Think of all the databases that contain crucial information, such as organ donor information or health care specifics. By constructing quality databases, you could have a hand in changing someone’s life.

    • Information Security Analyst: A Hero with a Keyboard

Information security analysts protect computer networks and information systems from hackers, breaches, and attacks by writing procedures, developing plans, and taking security measures. As the number of cyberattacks increase, you can protect secured information and prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands.

    • Computer Scientist: Design Star

Computer scientists apply their extensive knowledge to develop technology and fix problems. Designing prosthetic limbs or even finding a cure for cancer can be possible with talented computer scientists.

    • Software Engineer: Making a Difference

Designing software to help people solve problems and interact with the world around them in a more efficient way can be rewarding. Technology can breathe life into populations with special needs, such as adaptive technology that serves people with visual or hearing impairment.

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