It’s no secret that computers play a large part in today’s society. According to a study done by Kleiner Perkins Caufield’s Internet analyst Mary Meeker, the average person spends precisely 444 minutes each day looking at a screen. It’s important for most modern workers to not waste those minutes; fortunately, there are a few computer hacks that can ensure you efficiently use your time at work.

Maybe you’re here because you need a few pointers on where to begin in navigating computers.

Maybe you’re a computer wiz, but lacking the best hacks to increase your productivity at work.

We’ve found five of the best computer hacks that will help you make the most of your Four-Forty-Four.

  1.     Take Advantage of Keyboard Shortcuts – Your boss has asked you to complete the tedious task of copying and pasting individual bits of data into another program. Don’t be the “right clicker.” Instead, learn all of your keyboard shortcuts that will make life a lot easier. Need to paste something? Ctrl+V. It’s that simple. Before you know it, the minutes you save using these shortcuts will turn into hours spent on doing something more constructive.
  2.     Make The Switch to a Portrait Monitor – When someone is taking your picture, don’t you usually tell them to turn the camera “the long way”? Turning the camera horizontally occasionally produces a photograph that cuts off half of one’s body, and it creates some visually unappealing angles. The same thing goes for your computer screen. If you invest in a portrait monitor, you won’t find yourself endlessly scrolling through content. Instead, a portrait monitor allows you to see more content on the same screen in order to stay focused.
  3.     Folders, Folders, Folders – Pretend that you just landed an awesome job at an event planning company, but your boss is often scatterbrained. She’s asking you to pull up the press release from last year’s event one minute, and then telling you to book the exact same catering menu from the previous summer the next.

Nothing will slow you down faster than having to search through thousands of documents for something specific.

This is where folders come into play. Folders can be created with the click of a button, and they can be used for anything ranging from pictures to documents to audio files and more. These folders can then be broken down into sub-folders, where they can then be assigned an icon.

  1.     Clipboard Manager Should Become Your Best Friend – Are you a social media coordinator? We are willing to bet that you are copying and pasting a lot of links and images on a daily basis. Rather than pasting the wrong link, or forgetting what you have copied, use Clipboard Manager. This remembers everything that you have cut or copied, and then uses keyboard shortcuts to recycle the content.
  1.     Use an Interruption-Blocking Program – Say you’re trying to complete a coding assignment before a certain deadline, but your email notifications won’t stop, and your Aunt Betty has called five times in a row on Skype. There are plenty of programs that allow you to manually choose what programs to disable notifications from for a specific amount of time. Put the phone on silent as well. Problem solved.

Create a Schedule to Trick Yourself into Being More Productive

We obviously don’t spend all day using our computers, so why not prioritize your other time in order to escalate your efficiency? Creating a schedule each day can give you an idea of how much time you need to allow for certain tasks in order to plan out your day.

Do you like getting up early to go to the gym? Maybe the gym isn’t your forte, but you love cooking breakfast before heading into the office. By inking out a schedule, you’re more likely to stick to your plan instead of wasting time with unnecessary detours.

As a result of creating a schedule, you will realize how much time you likely need in order to finish that project that you’ve been working so diligently on. Something as simple as this can save you an abundance of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.  

If you’re interested in learning more about computers or are even looking for a career in the industry, there are other options as to what the future may hold for you. What does your dream job look like?

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