Career change. Those are words with gravity. Some people change careers because they see new opportunities. Others change because they discover new interests. And a few, unfortunately, actually don’t realize they need a change at all.

Take Michael Bay, for instance. Personally, we think he should have stopped after The Rock, but he’s gone on to be quite infamous for turning 1980s intellectual property into summer blockbusters. He directed four Transformers movies (there will be a fifth) and is the producer for the new age Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. He’s also responsible for fabled series like Bad Boys, The Purge, and Ouija.

Looking at Mr. Bay’s filmography, we’re able to draw one conclusion pretty immediately: he should consider a change in career. Let’s take a quick look at three reasons Michael Bay might want to find a new job, especially in Information Technology.

He’s Bad at Making Movies

Maybe it’s more accurate to say that Bay is good at making bad movies. While his films are typically successful in the box office, their reception in critical venues are far from transformative.

Consider that the first Transformers movie received a score of 57% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, while its sequel ranks at a rotten 19%. The fourth film, Transformers: Age of Extinction, drops another point to 18%, so we’ll have to wait and see if he’s bottomed out or if Transformers 5 can reach single digits.

Bay couldn’t be reached for comment, so we’re making an inference when we say he doesn’t like his current job. He wouldn’t be alone. Plenty of people are unsatisfied with their initial career choice. Sometimes they feel forced into it, or they realize it isn’t their passion, or they just aren’t any good at it. If you feel anything like that, it’s a great sign that you ought to consider a career change.

Often people realize that their career doesn’t benefit anyone else. This is clearly the case for Michael Bay – no one likes his movies, and yet he continues to make them.

Maybe if he thought about switching to a job that helps lots of people, like IT, he would feel more fulfilled. And if he applied his passion for bad movie making to pursuing an education with the right curriculum, educators, and certifications, he could become an IT professional powerhouse!

He Likes Making Money

So Bay feels stuck making these universally panned action movies, and why does he feel stuck?

Because he makes so much money. So much.

We can’t speak to his lifestyle, and apparently he even wants to give a lot of his net worth away, but he must like making all that money, or else he might take a few risks and try to grow as a filmmaker for the first time in a twenty-year career.

It could be that Bay doesn’t know he can make money doing other things, though. There are certain industries that are very well paying if you’re willing to put in the work to get started. For example, the IT and computer science industry is incredibly stable because it is tied to the advance of our economy, and IT professionals are among the best paid in the nation.

Sounds pretty enticing to us, but we wonder how Michael Bay would feel about working in IT…

He Should Play to His Strengths and Passions

If you look at Bay’s films (not too closely now, we already asked you to do it once), what’s one thing you notice? What’s a common theme in his works?

Explosions, yes, but also computer generated images. Michael Bay loves CGI; therefore, Michael Bay must love computers. Egad, he’s been misled this whole time!

Clearly Bay should have been working directly with computers his whole life, helping people and businesses set up and maintain advanced networks and protecting them with a firm grasp on information security. It’s a good thing it’s not too late for him to…

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All silliness aside …

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