Advantages of Technical School Over a Traditional College

Many people are unhappy in their current careers, but are too scared to make a change. Why? Because sometimes changing careers requires going back to school, and four year programs at universities are expensive and time consuming.

To help ease your mind, and offer a practical solution, we’ve compiled a list of 3 advantages that technical schools hold over a traditional college education.

3 Advantages of Attending a Technical School Instead of College.

Shorter and cheaper programs than the typical 4-year degree program.

If you’re a working adult seeking a career change, time commitments can be a major factor in whether or not you decide to go back to school. Most bachelor’s degrees take at least four years of study to earn, which is a huge investment. So, if time is an issue, technical schools are a great alternative to a four year program.

Choosing to attend a technical school means you can get the certifications you need much faster than you would from a college. Some technical schools, like MyComputerCareer, can even get you certified in as few as three months.

Not only are the programs shorter and more convenient, technical school costs much less than college. Based on the average costs of attending a four year university program, it makes sense to consider a less time-consuming, cheaper alternative.

Specialization in a field and the salary that comes with it.

Some people worry that spending less time in the classroom means they won’t get as well-rounded of an education. But the truth is that most colleges make you take general education classes like English and history that wouldn’t help you become specialized in your new field.

Attending a technical school allows you to specialize in a field, and you will have the opportunity to attain a salary that is equal to or beyond that of a college graduate. Because you will earn your certifications faster, you will have more time to gain experience in your field, which usually leads to more money. Not to mention, most college graduates rack up tons of student loan debt, so you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

Increased job security thanks to career placement services.

Many people feel that a four year college program is the best way to get a job after graduation. But having a degree doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find employment.

Quite a few technical schools, including MyComputerCareer, have available career services departments for their students. These departments start helping you find a job the moment you begin earning your certifications.

When deciding how you’ll further your education, there’s no wrong choice — but there is a smart choice. If you’re interested in entering into an IT Career, contact MyComputerCareer or take our Free Career Evaluation to see where you stand. We look forward to hearing from you.

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